Work Showcase

Storyline Articulate

Outcomes, Assessments, Objectives, & Evaluations

Working in collaboration with the Curriculum and Assessment team at a Community College, we created a tutorial for faculty members. The goal of this tutorial was to showcase possible technology solutions for online learning and explain explain to new faculty members how outcomes, assessments, objectives, evaluations, and Bloom’s Taxonomy are used.


Student Opinion Questionnaires

This short video was created to help faculty members relate the idea of using a formative course “pulse check” in online settings to learning objectives and outcomes.

Tutorial Examples

Making Word Documents Accessible Tutorial

Adding Images Tutorial

These tutorials were created to help faculty in the development of their online courses at a Community College.  As we worked with faculty, we would send these tutorials as a reference guide after we trained them.

Design and Development Process

Calendar Version

Text Version

Depending on the workflow of the Subject Matter Expert, we will work together to create a calendar of due dates.  I try to be as detailed as possible so neither stakeholder forget an important aspect of the module.


June 1, 2021

Use of Active Learning Through the ICAP Framework in Online STEM Courses and its Impact on Students’ Self-Efficacy and STEM Identity

A virtual presentation focused on the beginning development of my dissertation research study.

Watch the presentation video

May 1, 2021

Use of active learning through the ICAP framework in online STEM courses and its impact on students’ self-efficacy and STEM identity 

Driven by the conceptual frameworks of social constructivism, ICAP framework, self-efficacy, and STEM identity, this study seeks to provide guidance to online STEM faculty by exploring the use of active learning driven by the constructive and interactive levels of the ICAP framework on students’ self-efficacy and STEM identity.

Presentation of the progress of my dissertation at the annual Doctoral Research Conference hosted by Arizona State University.


April, 2021

Use of active learning through the ICAP Framework in online STEM courses and its relationship to students’ self-efficacy and STEM identity

Hosted by the Institute for Social Science Research at Arizona State University, the Virtual Graduate Student Poster Contest allows graduate students to submit their research studies. My research study was accepted in the proposed research category and was showcased in a poster gallery throughout the month of April 2021.

Poster Gallery

May 2, 2020

An Exploration of Online Interaction

Presentation of the progress of my dissertation at the annual Doctoral Research Conference hosted by Arizona State University.

June 4, 2019

Finding Your Inner Harmony

As leaders, we are expected to give 100% all of the time in all areas of our lives, including at home and at work. What happens when you don’t have your all to give? During this presentation, I will introduce six techniques you can start implementing to help rejuvenate you.

Finding Your Inner Harmony Presentation

May 10, 2019

Curriculum Planning Through Backwards Design

Backwards design starts with what you want the students to learn rather than the activities the students will be doing. During this collaborative session, you will take a lesson you currently teach and work with your colleagues to create measurable objectives, create an assessment to ensure that each student has reached that objective, and plan activities to use to teach those objectives. By the end, you will have an implementable lesson plant to use with your students.

Curriculum Planning Through Backwards Design Presentation

November 20, 2018

Organizing Content in Blackboard

During this presentation, faculty members were introduced to the basics of Blackboard.  Topics covered were creating links in the left menu bar, creating learning modules, creating items, and an outline of linear design.  In addition, faculty members learned how to access the content collection to upload and update files.

Organizing Content in Blackboard Presentation

August 9, 2018

Mock Presentation to Senior Leadership

During my time with the Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online Learning, I worked with a group of colleagues to create a mock presentation.  This presentation was showcased to the President of Washington State University and the President of the Online Learning Consortium.  We covered the topic of how to help student success and retention by implementing an adaptive technology for online courses.

April 13, 2018

Quality Methodologies in the Evaluation of Online Programs

The Alliance For Excellence in Online Education Spring Symposium

Teaming up with Joanna Palmer from Baker College, we presented on how our college approaches online program evaluations.  Bake College had recently gone through the OLC accreditation process, while WCC had taken the approach of creating their own design standards.  Both of us elaborated on the processes behind both approaches, advantages, and challenges we faced.

July 29, 2016

Brightspace Help Desk Workshop

During this workshop, the help desk at Washtenaw Community College was introduced to Brightspace by D2L.  The dashboard, course homepage, course navbar, content, assignments, discussion, quizzes, grades, and student view were showcased.  In addition, help desk members create their own student accounts and their own Sandbox course to practice.

Brightspace Help Desk Workshop

June 16, 2016

Brightspace Faculty Training Day 2

This workshop was the second day of training for faculty at Washtenaw Community College.  During this session, I showcased the gradebook tool and how to set-up and edit the gradebook.  In addition, faculty learned how to create and edit assignments, create and edit discussion boards, create and edit quizzes, and how to connect all of these to the gradebook.  Finally, faculty were taught how to grade content in their course.

Brightspace Faculty Workshop Day 2

May 21, 2016

Brightspace Faculty Training Day 1

During this workshop, I introduced Brightspace by D2L to faculty at Washtenaw Community College.  The dashboard, course homepage, course navbar, content, assignments, discussion, quizzes, grades, and student view were showcased.  In addition, faculty were given their courses in Brightspace and shown how to create and edit content in Brightspace.

Brightspace Faculty Workshop Day 1

August 6, 2015

CDA in Michigan – Let’s Get Started

  • Online Courses at Washtenaw Community College (WCC)

During this presentation, I had the opportunity to showcase the online development plan of Washtenaw Community College.  The audience was other Michigan Community College representatives.  The topics included learning activities created by the Center for interactive Teaching and Learning at WCC, organization of courses, and ADA compliancy.

March 19-20, 2015

MACUL Conference

  • Spark Session
  • Implementing data-based centers in the classroom

During this spark session, I presented data on the implementation of centers in my classroom.  Centers are small groups of students working collaboratively on a concept.  After about 10-12 minutes, students would move to a new center.  One of the centers would be an explanation/hands-on experiment run by the teacher.  Through the use of centers, students had a higher mastery level of concepts such as seasons and contact/non-contact forces.

Session Information

February 20, 2015

Van Buren Public Schools Professional Development

  • Implementing Illuminate

Illuminate is a web-based product for teachers.  Illuminate allows teachers to give tests and have them automatically graded.  Once the data is collected, teachers can view data to identify areas where students are still struggling.  They can also organize students into groups to help with reteaching and mastery.  After being trained to use Illuminate, I presented to my peers and taught them how to access Illuminate and use the program to give tests and collect data.

July 15, 2014


  • Being Proactive with Cyber Bullying
  • Co-Presenter with Alison Cottrell

Alison and I worked together to present on being proactive with Cyber Bullying.  Cyber Bullying is a problem that continues to work its way through schools as students get more access to technology and social media.  During this presentation, Alison and I facilitated a discussion about how teachers handle Cyber Bullying.  In addition, we discussed research-based tips and tricks for handling Cyber Bullying in the classroom and the school.

Session Information

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